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Top 7 Popular Bedding Design Styles

The designs of bedding combine the products’ appearance and spiritual connotation, which means the implication and feeling conveyed by the product. It shows the general characteristics of bedding and gives people visual impact and spiritual appeal. When designing the bedding based on the interior space, the first step is to determine the decoration style according to the environment. Then the color configuration, fabric patterns, styles, and other bedding designs are completed to form an artistically appealing atmosphere and inspire people’s aesthetic feelings.

There are various bedding design styles, which can be distinguished in terms of era, region, ethnicity and lifestyle. The overall bedding design in the same space often presents the fusion and crossover of different styles. Modern people’s diverse lifestyles and aesthetics have made all styles fusion more and more prominent, so mix and match style has become popular in recent years.

Bedding Design Styles

European Style

Dark blue classic European bedding with complicated patterns
Classic European-Style bedding in dark red

Traditional European style was originated from ancient Greece and ancient Rome. It has gone through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo periods and has formed splendor, luxury, elegance and nobility in modern bedding design. The curtains with decorative lace are mostly used. The large area of ​​folds and layers of agaric laces are magnificent decorative elements. The overall color scheme is of high purity by using yellow, orange, dark red, dark green, dark blue and other colors that reflect the classic European aesthetic. The patterns are primarily complex, solemn, and delicate curly grass, full of classical flavor. The materials are usually thick jacquard decorative fabrics, whose texture increases the gorgeousness. Ribbons, fringes, and tassels are typical and common ornamentations. Also, embroidery works very well in decorating because the protruding badges or patterns have a stunning three-dimensional effect.

Modern Style

modern-style bedding with white and black colors and simple words

modern-style bedding with bright colors and geometric shapes

The modern style is corresponding to the classical style. It emphasizes simple shapes, bright structures, clear and smooth lines, conforming to the fast pace of modern urban life and highlighting the function and practicality of bedding. Modern bedding usually feature a clean and straightforward appearance without intricate details. Colors of low purity such as black, white, gray are used to offer a calm and powerful artistic effect, but bright and popular colors in sharp contrast with the modern sense of indoor furniture are also adopted to achieve an unexpected impact. The random dots, lines, surfaces, irregular or abstract geometric patterns, together with the natural texture of the materials, create the artistic impression that less is more. In addition to common materials, leather and coated fabrics are suitable for generating a modern atmosphere due to their nice sheen.

Country Style

Country-style bedding with plants, insects and check patterns
country stylre quilt set with tree and fruit patterns

The country style is also known as the natural style. This bedding style conforms to the modern people’s pursuit of returning to the basics. People advocate an easy and casual lifestyle and tend to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. Country style varies by regional characteristics and cultural customs. It can be said that every country with rich historical and cultural heritage has its own unique country culture, and the most representative ones are American, European, Chinese, and Korean country styles.

Country bedding offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere and is often featured with animals and plants in nature. The patterns are mainly checks and stripes, small flowers, large realistic plants and flowers. Color palettes are typically made up of simple and clean colors such as white, beige, light blue, light yellow, pink, and green. These are natural colors associated with the blue sky, plants, flowers, bringing a fresh and natural atmosphere. And on specific design, light and casual pleats, three-dimensional quilting, direct splicing of fabrics or patterns, and delicate and straightforward piping are often used to provide a warm, rustic and generous feel.

Ethnic Style

Persian ethnic style bedding
Ethnic style bedding with colorful ethnic elements

The ethnic style bedding draws upon various ethnic and folk cultures in the East and the West, and has a solid retro atmosphere and ethnic customs. It reflects the cultural traditions of different ethnic groups and regions through their colors, patterns, and decorations. Different living habits, aesthetics and historical culture have brought forth various diverse styles, such as Bohemia style, Persian style, Chinese style, Japanese style, Indian style, etc.

Post-Modern Style

Post modern bedding with bright colors and irregular patterns
post modern bedding with skyscrapers patterns

The post-modern style has developed from the expressionist movement of painting. Modern style tends to shape forms, while post-modern style is apt to express. The designers advocate inclusiveness and embrace everything that can meet the needs of today’s life. This style of bedding design features exaggerated and peculiar expressions of patterns. On the one hand, it highlights the avant-garde and bold characteristics through avant-garde colors and metaphorical personalized historical symbols; on the other hand, it breaks the utilization of complete cubes and cuboids and adopts complicated combinations displaying a state with unclear boundaries. This bedding style represents a sense of endlessness and profoundness of the space by creating a spatial hierarchy or an ambiguous space with varieties of techniques. What’s more, materials are also processed into waves of different angles as metaphorical and symbolic decorative elements. 

Mix and Match Style

Mix and Match style Bedding with mixed patterns and colors
Mix and Match style bedding of different colors

The mix and match style first appeared in the clothing and fashion industry. It refers to combining and matching clothes and accessories of different styles, materials, colors, and values. Mix and match style is popular in clothing and fashion and prevails in architectural design, interior design, and product design with an irresistible force, affecting people’s lives in all aspects.

The essence of the mix and match design is the integration of perfect matches rather than the chaos of mismatches. Here are some positive examples: the combination of modern fabrics and country-style rattan chairs will bring you a sense of leisure; a comfortable Western sofa and a traditional Asian Huanghuali table can integrate and complement each other;and the traditional Chinese painting on a heavy European bed will add the charm of oriental culture and a sense of personalized fashion. Mix and match style is a type of reverse thinking to break through conventions and create new forms of beauty and an efficient way of innovating. It also facilitates the achievement of personalization, emotionalization as well as diversification of design.

New Chinese Style

pink bedding of New Chinese Style
blue bedding of New Chinese Style

The so-called New Chinese style has emerged from the revival of traditional Chinese culture in recent years as there was a lack of cultural background in bedding design. The New Chinese bedding style, on the one hand, changes the cumbersome and impractical defects in the form and features of traditional bedding. On the other hand, it strives to maintain the unique charm of the Chinese tradition to make it more in line with people’s living habits and lifestyles. Therefore, the new Chinese style is also a design that meets people’s preferences and needs. It matches the new Chinese bedding perfectly with the modern interior design and produces a novel aesthetic style. This unique aesthetic is classic and exquisite, simple and elegant, definitely a manifestation of the integration of art and life. The new Chinese style bedding should not be a simple stacking of traditional home decorations only, but should also inherit their form and spirit. The profound traditional culture can act as the essential elements and can be recombined under modern concepts of conciseness and comforts. The new Chinses style needs to conform to modern people’s living habits and retains the elegant, subtle, and dignified oriental cultural characteristics of the Chinese culture, making sure the oriental artistic conception will run through the bedding design.

During the designing process, the elements based on traditional symbols are simplified, refined and reconstructed under modern concepts and craftsmanship. In this way, the essences of these conventional elements have evolved into new symbols and new forms full of innovative thinking, contributing to the unity of forms and connotations in design. The new Chinese bedding design lives up to the living habits and aesthetic requirements of modern people and offers a high-grade spiritual enjoyment. It reflects the charm of traditional culture and presents a strong sense of the times.



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  • Posted on KianS

    The luxury and sophistication of European style are attractive.

  • Posted on Kylie

    Well I like my bedroom look clean and simple. I prefer the modern minimalist style bedding.

  • Posted on Maya65

    I’m in love with the country and bohemian design, they are gorgeous.

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