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The Best 6 Spring Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Open the window and take a deep breath. Do you feel the fresh breeze of spring? It’s time to say goodbye to the dreary winter season and hello to the warm weather, beautiful flowers, and shining sun of spring!

One of the best ways to welcome and celebrate the coming of spring is to ditch the unused items and add in some bright and cheery accents for your bedroom. Here we came up with six awesome spring decorations that will help you rejuvenate your own space. From soft, breathable fabrics on the bed to vibrant decor, get ready to create a cozy, spring-like bedroom with them.


Light, Airy Sheet Sets

lightweight cotton sheets for spring decorating

To embrace the warmer weather of spring, opt for cooling and breathable fabrics. Switch out heavy, thick sheets and shams for a lightweight, organic cotton sheet set to give the bed an airier feel.

For instance, you may want this 400-thread count cotton sheet set. The light blue hue mimics the high sky above the head, and the soft, white macrame looks like the floating clouds in the spring breeze.


Botanical Bedding

cactus aloe cotton quilt for spring bedroom decorating

There’s still some cold air lingering for a short time, so it’s never a bad idea to cover your bed and yourself with a layer of fabric. Quilts made of high-quality organic cotton will be a perfect option. 

Choose those with botanical prints or spring flower-inspired patterns, just like the cactus aloe quilt above. Soft, medium-weighted fabric provides the exact warmth you need, and the green aloe and cactus with delicate flowers bring in the bedroom a fresh vitality.


Pastel Curtains

Pastel curtain for spring bedroom decorating

Aren’t you feeling the warm sunlight and fresh air? They may be blocked by the heavy, dark curtains you put on for the winter. Now it’s time to swap them for light, sheer ones.

Pastel sheer curtains billow in the breeze, inviting the sunlight to dance in your bedroom. What a beautiful scene! And there will be more spring vibe if the curtains are designed with some floral prints or nature-inspired patterns.


Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper for spring bedroom decorating

To coordinate the overall springy vibe, there’s a need to decorate the wall in the bedroom. Not everyone wants to take the time and energy to repaint the walls, so wallpapers are popular alternatives.

You can find floral wallpapers that pair with the botanical bedding to enhance the spring atmosphere. Or you can choose some pastel shades to soften the light and offer a crisp and clean look.


Natural Wood Nightstand

Natural wood nightstand for spring bedroom decorating

Seasonal decorations are meant to be natural and organic textures, such as rattan and wood furniture. A wood nightstand with a light-colored finish works well to liven up the room.

Considering the colors, it’s best to choose materials such as ash, maple, birch, or even bamboo. The wood textures also bring in a down-to-earth, warm cottage feel and create a laid-back living vibe.


Flower Arrangements

Colorful flowers for spring home decorating

Spring is incomplete without growing plants and blooming flowers, so is the wood nightstand. Fresh flowers can make the perfect complement to the natural wood table.

Go over the color palettes around your room before arranging a bouquet in a vase. Pastel flowers bring the soft, sweet scents of spring, while brightly colored ones will be the perfect pop of color to brighten up the space. Don’t forget to add a few green branches, which are also vigorous hints of spring.



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