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Top 5 Popular Boho Decor for Making a Bohemian Room in 2022

Bohemian style, also known as boho style, is a popular design style derived from the nomadic culture of the Gypsy—a representation of liberty, romance and mystery.

This design style features mixed color combinations, layered fabrics and complicated patterns, presenting a bold yet slouchy exotic charm. The most typical boho elements are macrame, tassels, handwoven string knots, embroidery, beads, leather and metallic decors. Botanic patterns, geometric shapes, lines and mysterious motifs are also widely seen in this style.

Here we list the top 5 boho decorations to help you get a bohemian look for your room.

1. Green Plants

The most prominent feature of Bohemian style lies in its pursuit of freedom and yearning for nature, for which the botanic elements will be an indispensable symbol.

big and small boho plants in the living room

Large pot plants such as fiddle-leaf fig, fern leaf bamboo and eucalyptus are good options to enhance the natural atmosphere, while various small plants can be fresh embellishments scattering around the room.

2. Boho Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the most common home decorations. You can lay them anywhere, on the bed, sofa, chair and even on the floor.

handknit macrame boho throw pillows

colorful embroidered tufted boho throw pillows with tassels

Neutral handknit boho pillows designed with exquisite string knots and graceful macrame will add a romantic touch to your space. Vibrant colored throw pillows featuring intricate designs, delicate embroidery, fluffy tufting or playful tassels are perfect items to jazz up your room with boho chic.

3. Boho Bedding

As the dominant decor in the bedroom, bedding usually sets the mood for the whole room. Boho bedding will offer you a wide range of combinations of different fabrics, colors and pattern designs.

neutral boho comforter set with tufting and tassel design

colorful boho quilt set with exquisite pattern designs

You may want to layer a brightly colored boho quilt, coverlet or blanket on the top of your bed to make it a bohemian look. Or you can snuggle under a neutral boho comforter or duvet for a warm exotic dream.

4. Boho Rug

Like throw pillows, rugs are versatile decorative pieces that can be placed anywhere at home. They blend well in most interior styles, especially modern home decor.

plain and rustic boho rug in the living room

colorful boho rug with exquisite patterns

Rustic boho rugs with a lightly faded look can be used to create a casual, relaxed atmosphere. And any vibrant boho rug with exquisite designs will be a pop of color for any home style.

5. Boho Wall Decor

The wall is the extension of a room’s space. Therefore, it will achieve a stunning effect if decorated properly with boho wall decor.

boho style room with beautiful boho wall decor

You can choose wallpapers with boho designs as area decorations. Silver, gold or copper art decor can give some metallic impact. Last but not least, macrame tapestry and hanging handwoven plant holders are definitely ideal accents.

Apart from the items mentioned above, there are a great many of bohemian decor, including boho lighting, boho furniture, boho cookware, etc. Just choose what you like and start to make your own bohemian style room.




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