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The Best Summer Bedding in 2021

On sultry summer nights, many of us have trouble sleeping well. A quality bedding set will not only be sweat-absorbent but also cool enough for us to sleep with comfort. Many people are confused about what bedding is suitable for the hot summer and how to choose. Here we offer a list of the best cooling bedding that can bring you cool and comfortable sleep.

Cooling sleeping mat

Cooling sleeping mats are trendy in some Asian countries. Every year in summer, Asian families will switch bedsheets to sleeping mats, which is a habit that has lasted for centuries. In the hot summertime, the cooling mats can help reduce the temperature of our body. If you are prone to sweating during sleep, you might as well try this product.

With the development of the home textile industry, more and more types of the cooling sleeping mat have sprung out. Each of them has specific characteristics that suit different people. Let’s see which one is suitable for you.

1. Rattan Mat

A bed with rattan mats and pillows on

The rattan mat is made of rattan from the tropical rainforest. As eco-friendly and durable with a lifespan of up to 20 years, it has good air permeability, strong sweat absorption, and moth resistance. However, it doesn’t work well in heat dissipation, which makes it cool but not icy. Those who have low cold intolerance or poor health can choose this product.  


  • Difficult to maintain;
  • Need to be folded neatly when not in use;
  • Only wiped with a damp cloth, no detergent or rinsed with water.
Cleaning and maintenance:
  • Wipe hard several times with a coarse cloth dampened in water with salt;
  • Clean it with a soft cloth;
  • Dry it naturally without direct sunlight.

2. Bamboo Mat

A bed with a bamboo mat and pillows on

    A bamboo mat mainly uses water bamboo, Moso bamboo, or oil bamboo as raw materials. It is heavy, cool and breathable, good for people afraid of hot weather. It cannot be folded, unsuitable for mattresses that are too soft. Bamboo mats are more durable than straw mats and can last as long as ten years if they are well maintained. They are the most popular summer bedding.


    The selection of raw materials is uncontrollable, which may lead to the occurrence of inferior products. Some bamboo mats cannot last long and are easy to mold, bad for our health. Therefore, try to choose branded or higher-priced bamboo mats. After all, you get what you pay for.

    Cleaning and maintenance:
    • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or wash with water under 35℃.
    • Soak it in water for 10 minutes before washing;
    • Wash it with mild detergent; do not bleach; no contact with acid, alkali or other chemical components.
    • Dry it naturally in a well-ventilated shade.
    • Bamboo mats should not be exposed to the sunlight; otherwise, they will break easily. It is best to wipe the bamboo mat with warm water every day before going to bed or after getting up to make it stay cool.

    3. Straw Mat

    A bed with a straw mat and pillows on

      The straw mat is woven from grass such as rush and cattail. This type of material is soft, skin-friendly, breathable, moisture and sweat-absorbent, mold-proof, and foldable. The temperature of the mat surface can be consistent with our body temperature. Due to the sterilization treatment, the straw mat generally does not induce allergies and is suitable for all ages. People who are not afraid of hot air can choose it because it is not good at cooling down.

      • Easy to get bugs;
      • May cause allergies to babies; observe the baby’s skin when using it for the first time.
      • The surface tends to turn yellow after the first summer because of its strong water absorption.
      Cleaning and maintenance:
      • Dry the new straw mat for half an hour before using, and tap it several times;
      • Avoid cleaning it with acid detergents, which will corrode the straw mats;
      • Wipe it with hot water with edible salt at about 70~80℃, under which the molds and mites cannot survive; The water with salt will sterilize, and the heat will dissolve the grease;
      • Dry it naturally in a ventilated shade;
      • Wrap it with dry paper, and store it in the cabinet to avoid moisture.

      4. Ice silk mat

      A baby sleeping comfortably on the ice silk mat

      The name, ice silk, sounds like a refreshing and cool breeze.

      Ice silk is a kind of artificial material crafted from viscose fiber, viscose filament yarn, and polyurethane fiber through optimized processing. Compared with cotton fiber and wood fiber, ice silk is purer. Its moisture meets the physiological requirements of our body. It is cooling, breathable and anti-static.

      Ice silk mats feature excellent craftsmanship, gorgeous colors, diverse flower patterns, comfortable and smooth, wear-resistant, easy to be folded and packed up.

      • Non-resistant to dirt, difficult to clean;
      • Not as eco-friendly as natural materials such as rattan mats, bamboo mats, and straw mats.
      Cleaning and Maintenance:

          Wipe it gently with a wet towel, no washing, rubbing or hanging to dry it.


          The cooling summer quilt is comfortable, light, breathable, and water washable. The following are several typical summer quilts.

          1. 100% cotton quilt

          A lightweight pure cotton quilt covering the bed

            100% cotton quilts are made from quality cotton, so they're not easy to breed bacteria and conducive to our health.

            They are eco-friendly, soft, skin-friendly, light and breathable, moisture absorbent, low-static, washable and durable.

            2. Coverlet

            A lady sleeps soundly with a light green coverlet

              Most of the coverlets are made of pure cotton, which has good air permeability, lighter and thinner, sweat-absorbent, easy to clean, carry and store. It suits people who are very afraid of heat and children.


                Easy to wrinkle, shrink; Cannot endure high temperature.

                3. Polyester quilt

                A polyester quilt spread on the bed

                  The polyester quilt looks fluffy and warm, but it doesn’t absorb warm air. It is machine washable and suitable for people who are not very afraid of heat.


                    Easy to breed bacteria, which will inevitably irritate our skin and respiratory system and be harmful to our health.


                    The options above are cooling sleeping mats and summer quilts suitable for the summertime. You can pick what meets your needs or preference.




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                    • Posted on Clem

                      The straw mat looks softer and more flexible than the bamboo mat. I’d like to try the straw mat.

                    • Posted on Hindyh2

                      I’m a hot sleeper, so polyester doesn’t work for me. The cotton fabric is better.

                    • Posted on Kaleigh P.

                      Great post. Wish I could’ve seen this last summer. I’m interested in the rattan bedding and cotton quilt.

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